TAXI-015 Paul Stopforth

This educational supplement, written by Anthea Pokroy, is intended to guide teachers and learners through a series of conceptual and practical projects, which stem from the works of Stopforth. It is divided into 4 worksheets, with a special contribution from Paul Stopforth himself, and a glossary of careers in the arts:

  1. Materials and medium
  2. Alternative spaces: The Market Theatre Gallery
  3. Translocation/ Dislocation: SA artists in the Diaspora
  4. Objects as metaphors and symbols
  5. Drawing the revelator: a practical project by Paul Stopforth
  6. Careers in the arts

Fact Files: Medium, Collage/Assemblage, Dada, Found Object/The Readymade, The Market Theatre, Nonconformist, Collaboration, Exhibition, Diaspora, Artist-in residence, Robin Rhode, Street Art, Still life/Vanitas, Metaphor, Pop Art, Monument

softcover; 16 pages; colour cover
ISBN 9 789584 975102

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