Educational Supplements

An educational supplement is created to accompany each of the TAXI Art Books in the series.

The resource is intended to guide teachers and learners through a series of conceptual and practical projects, which stem from the works of the particular artist. Learners will be encouraged to think critically and to draw on their own imagination, experiences and surroundings to understand elements of artist’s work. Whilst doing this, they begin to explore the ways of making their own artworks. Although the worksheets are designed primarily for art in senior schools, they may be adjusted for community centres, tertiary institutions, and adult education. They can also be used in other learning areas such as Launguage Studies, Human and Social Sciences and Life Orientation.

The educational supplements generally offer the following kinds of activities: Fact Files, Discussion topics, Research and writing activities, Practical projects, References to other artists, Suggested reading lists and Teacher’s facilitation guides.